What is Value Investing?

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What is value investing? It is to buy a business for less than what it’s worth. We can break this into three parts. Buy a business Buying a stock is the same as owning a fraction of the underlying business. If you buy a share of Apple (AAPL), you own the business that produces things […]

17 Ways to Overcome Information Overload, Organise Your Thoughts and Think Clearly

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PDF Link: http://bit.ly/2hQViD4 *** Introduction More information is creating 3 key challenges to investors: A more level playing fieldBetter information accessibility means a tougher time for investors to develop a sustainable, informational advantage over one another. Short-termismMore information creates the desire to do something about it and mistaken action as productivity. As a result, average stock […]

A simple decision tree before buying a stock

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Decision tree systematize the decision-making process in a visual way and prevents us from mental hacking, a mental shortcut that save time and reduce stress of making a decision. Mental shortcut works well in most of our daily decision i.e what to have for lunch; netflix or catch up with friends etc, and it is essential, but […]

A Short Guide to Stock Investing

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PDF: http://bit.ly/2kWehxZ Learning to invest in the stock market is different from say, learning maths. Whereas everyone eventually reaches the same solution in the latter, there’s no one right answer on how to invest well. Nonetheless, there are overriding similarities between learning the both, or any sorts of skills. The fastest way to learn a skill […]