21 Lessons in 2019

Decision Making, Independent thinking, Investment Process, Reflection

A few things I learned over the past year. 1. Process first, analysis second, margin of safety last A robust process can prevent a poor analysis but a good analysis can still create silly mistakes. Let’s say a stock is an excellent buy for 10 reasons. That’s a good analysis; your judgment comes from facts […]

Find Your Edge

Analysis, Circle of Competence, Contrarian, Independent thinking, Investment Process

In my previous post, I wrote that to achieve outperformance or above-average returns, your investment process has to be ‘unconventional’ compared to the majority. And that can only be achieved through originality, independent or contrarian thinking, and making connections from disparate information.  Bill Miller, the former Legg Mason portfolio manager, emphasizes the importance of making […]

Commune with The Dead

Decision Making, Independent thinking, Market, Psychology, Risk

PDF Version *** There are two ways to learn to invest. You can study success. What do successful investors do? What do they have in common? What traits contribute to their achievement? You learn through examples by following the path of those who have succeeded. Or you can study failures. Those who lost everything. How […]