How to Think About Price

Market, Price, Psychology, Risk

Tesla at $1,000 per share. Topglove, one of the largest glove manufacturers, is trading at MYR$17 per share, up 360% so far this year due to COVID19. Afterpay, Australia’s leading buy now pay later, has a $15 billion market capitalization after a 560% rally since March. What do they tell you? Will they keep going […]

A Million Dollars Lesson

Investment Process, Luck, Market, Psychology, Risk, Strategy

In investing, knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what to do. But since we don’t have all the time in the world to make all the possible mistakes to figure out what not to do, the best way is to learn from other’s mistakes.  In What I Learned Losing A Million […]

Commune with The Dead

Decision Making, Independent thinking, Market, Psychology, Risk

PDF Version *** There are two ways to learn to invest. You can study success. What do successful investors do? What do they have in common? What traits contribute to their achievement? You learn through examples by following the path of those who have succeeded. Or you can study failures. Those who lost everything. How […]