15 Investing Lessons

Circle of Competence, Decision Making, Expected Value, Filter, Investment Process, Opportunity Cost, Portfolio, Probability, Psychology, Risk

1. Experience may not be a good teacher Most elderly who died in Hurricane Katrina dies not because of their health, but because of confidence and denial. They have survived several hurricanes over their lifetime, so they believe Hurricane Katrina is no exception. Experience can create a close attitude that prevents us from seeing things […]

How Much Should I Put in A Stock?


PDF: http://bit.ly/2loVH3U *** “Investing is like a piece of Lego brick that fits tightly with other Lego bricks to create a big solid structure. Those other Lego bricks are your family, career, relationship and so on. That big, solid structure is your life.” Introduction Position sizing or how much to put into a stock is as […]