21 Lessons in 2019

Decision Making, Independent thinking, Investment Process, Reflection

A few things I learned over the past year. 1. Process first, analysis second, margin of safety last A robust process can prevent a poor analysis but a good analysis can still create silly mistakes. Let’s say a stock is an excellent buy for 10 reasons. That’s a good analysis; your judgment comes from facts […]

What Book Should You Read?

Books, Reflection

I get asked a lot on what are the best books to read for investing. And like most people, I used to recommend classics like The Intelligent Investor or One Up on Wall Street. This is a no-brainer, right? Why read something else when you can read the best? At hindsight, those were poor advice. […]

5 Years of Reflection

Investment Process, Psychology, Reflection, Strategy, Time

PDF Version *** These are a collection of my thoughts on investing over the past 5 years. Some from learning and observation, others through meditation on my own mistakes. 1. I have always enjoyed reading. Maybe that’s why I got into value investing. When I started, I would read anything I can get my hands […]