A Million Dollars Lesson

Investment Process, Luck, Market, Psychology, Risk, Strategy

In investing, knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what to do. But since we don’t have all the time in the world to make all the possible mistakes to figure out what not to do, the best way is to learn from other’s mistakes.  In What I Learned Losing A Million […]

15 Investing Lessons

Circle of Competence, Decision Making, Expected Value, Filter, Investment Process, Opportunity Cost, Portfolio, Probability, Psychology, Risk

1. Experience may not be a good teacher Most elderly who died in Hurricane Katrina dies not because of their health, but because of confidence and denial. They have survived several hurricanes over their lifetime, so they believe Hurricane Katrina is no exception. Experience can create a close attitude that prevents us from seeing things […]

Bullish but Bearish

Contrarian, Decision Making, Investment Process, Psychology, Risk

I got a car from a nearby dealership the other day. As part of the sales routine, the sales manager offered me a 5 years warranty against any unexpected repair for $2,000. Should I take it? If the car doesn’t require any substantial repair within that time frame, that’s money down the drain. But what […]